• Sovrapponendo 2010

    Sovrapponendo (Overlaying) “Beyond the horizon of the place we lived when we were young In a world of magnets and miracles…” Gilmour A project made through 2010 and 2011. It is formed by photographs made with a Diana F mini Lomo Camera. The film was entirely taken in one place, rewinded and shot again in a different place. It’s about growing up and memories of places, seen from the outside, like through another pair of eyes. The retro component is clear in the medium itself, the Lomo camera. It is not an old camera, but a new one made on image o fan old russian one. Those cameras were the cheapest and of worse quality (entirely made of plastic, lenses included) but now are quite pricey and fashionable. Young people from all over the world use them,; there is a Lomo Community too. The technique of overlapping films was also used a lot in the past, but I have found it perfect for my goal. The surrealistic flow of consciousness, the overlapping of two worlds – childhood and adulthood, the places from the youth and the ones we found ourselves living in, not always because of a clear choice, etc.. all this double features are represented through the double exposure. There is a certain incognita as well, you don’t know which photo is going to be overlapped once you rewind the film, you sit and wait for it, it’s always a surprise.