• Dove da qui 2011-ongoing

    A project that is a note about abandoned bus stops and waiting rooms. It literally deals with time and the phenomenon of transition (traffic) with multiple connotations commenting a silent disintegration of once unique Istrian peninsula, and cracked connections of people who inhabit it. Spiritual community of a bus was, to a large extent, replaced by a deceptive sense of individual, automotive independence: waiting rooms actually become informal monuments of architecture of an overrun industrial era…until they collapse on their own. There is a sense of emptiness I tried to capture with this project. A lost bus stop where no buses ever come, an infinite waiting for a Godot (or for a better time) that never comes. I was also interested in non-places as Marc Augè depicted them, an impersonal, transitional space that we only see as we go by, we never stop, never think, never meet anyone.